Annoying Adverts 2012: II

Jarring NoteBack in May I mentioned a few annoying adverts I’d seen.

The Weight Watchers one faded very quickly, thank God. Ads with idiotic whistling are still high on the list of “original” ideas for most ad companies, especially for radio versions (Tesco’s whistled signature tune grates against my skull like fingernails on a blackboard).

But the Secret Escapes adverts is still going strong. The reason I mention it now is that looking through my stats I have hundreds of hits on the same/similar search term. Two today on “secret escapes advert annoying”. I STILL rush to mute it whenever it comes on.

EDIT: As of late 2014/early 2015 Secret Escapes has embarked on a new advertising drive. I must say that the woman is beginning to look a bit past it now.

The company in question appears to be one of those you’d see being laughed out of the Dragon’s Den. Who in their right mind would want to use their service is anyone’s guess, so how long they can stay in business has to be in question. I’m guessing the current overkill level of airtime is a last-ditch attempt at survival.

Strongbow still has the monopoly on effeminate men pretending to be all butch and giving a gutsy “ahhhhhhh!” after sipping less than a teaspoon of their drink after carrying a box up some stairs.

Doggie Dentures still cracks me up every time I see it. And so do the meerkat adverts (especially when you watch what’s going on in the background). Even the radio versions are funny:

Aleksandr: Janet from Northern Ireland writes “Dear Aleksandr, thank you for wonderful Sergei toy after I buy car insurance from “Compare The Market”. My dog has taken liking to him. I even find him trying to…” Ooooh. Too much information.

However, Direct Line’s TV ads are incredibly annoying and unfunny. They’re the ones with Z-list comedians showing exactly why they’re  Zed! Direct Line refers to their ads as “hilarious” on its own website.

Honestly, Direct Line. They’re not.

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