“Mother” Downed Bottle Of Vodka Before Going On School Run

I thought the word “mother” should be in inverted commas. It was either that, or insert the word “unfit” before it.

This story tells how the specimen in question – her name is withheld to “protect the identity of the children” – drank almost a full bottle of vodka, then went to pick up her three kids from school.

The story isn’t quite clear on whether she actually did pick them up – she says she didn’t, but they were found in a local supermarket under the “supervision” of a friend aged 10. The children in question were aged between three and seven.

She blew 110 – the legal limit is 35 – so she was almost four times the drink drive limit.

Incredibly, she got away with a community sentence, a curfew, and a two year ban. If she’d have been a man she’d have got a lot worse, so the sentence smacks of discrimination. It also appears that the poor children have not been taken away from her, so God knows what they’ll turn into when they are older (and being out alone in a supermarket already gives a suggestion of which way they’re heading).

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