Russia Is A Complete Joke

Russia is ruled by a brutal madman with a massive inferiority complex (because he IS inferior, but he won’t admit it), who is flanked by insane and inferior flunkies, such as Sergey Lavrov – who is quite prepared to claim black is white, and seriously believe it after he’s said it.

The recent ‘referendums’ that have been held in currently occupied areas of Ukraine, and the subsequent sham annexation of Ukrainian territory shows what a complete loser Putin is. Russia – at Putin’s command – has murdered vast swathes of the population and levelled entire cities. It has tortured civilians, and openly murdered them on the streets. In many areas, its cowardly and mentally deranged ‘army’ has stolen such items as iPads and computers (and even a central heating boiler), which have subsequently been traced back to Russia (along with other untraceable items that Russian soldiers would be pissing themselves over owning, because their own loser country cannot supply them with anything more than out of date rations).

In Ukraine, even in peacetime, the areas involved in these sham ‘referendums’ would not vote anywhere near 100% to become ‘Russian’, purely on statistical grounds. Because in a democracy, you have to put up with the fact that even something which is obviously wrong (Brexit in the UK, for one example, not to mention the Scottish Independence issue), close to half the population will believe the wrong part. In the case of Ukraine, after you’ve had your family murdered by incompetent, poorly disciplined, and mentally unhinged Russian soldiers, with their massive inferiority complexes, the chances of even 50:50 are pretty much out of the window.

Russian soldiers went door-to-door and threatening people if they didn’t vote. Right now, they’re going door-to-door threatening people who didn’t vote. These poor people have now got potentially a lifetime of absolutely abysmal treatment by these animals from Russia.

The ‘result’ that 98.23% of the population ‘wants to join Russia’ is like claiming you just saw Jesus buying a Big Mac. Yes, you said it – but absolutely no one of sound mind believes you, and even those who do are obviously wrong. Russia simply lies at every opportunity. It always has, and always will as long as scum like Putin exist. I mean, George Orwell was pretty much writing Putin’s script when he wrote ‘1984’.

There are a lot of decent Russian people. But none of them are in the Russian government. It’s hard to know how many good ones there are, thanks to Russian State propaganda and its willingness to murder or imprison its own people to further State lies if any become too vocal. But they do exist, and the protests Russia is seeing right now show that clearly.

Putin is an absolute twat, and nothing – absolutely nothing – can ever change that.

If the insane and impotent fool resorts to nuclear weapons, it will be the end of him anyway. He cannot possibly win.

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