DVSA Alert: Fake Highway Code Books Being Sold

This email came in from DVSA, warning of fake Highway Code books being sold.

Apparently, there are unspecified errors in these which could lead the public to break the Law or even have accidents.

How to spot a fake

The easiest way to decide whether you have an official copy of The Highway Code or a fake version, is to look for these key differences:

  1. Compare the bar code numbers; the official copy has an ISBN number above its barcode.
  2. On the fake version, the logos on the front cover of the book are slightly pixelated.
  3. The official version of The Highway Code has a matte cover, the fake version has a glossy cover.

If your pupils think they have been sold a counterfeit copy, they should contact their local trading standards office or contact DVSA at crowncopyright@dvsa.gov.uk

Let your pupils know.

DVSA (November 2022)

It’s amazing what people will stoop to.

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