Batmobile Tumbler Model

Some time ago, I wrote about how you could build a scale model of The Terminator (the point being it would ultimately end up costing you over £1,000). That came hot on the heels of your opportunity to build a scale model of the Bismarck (at an overall cost of over £1,200). Before that, it was the Millennium Falcon (for £900).

They’re at it again. Now, you can build a scale model of the Batmobile Tumbler – which I admit I’ve never heard of, because Adam West was Batman, and not any of these modern upstarts. There is only one Batmobile.

It’s in instalments, of course, and it is advertised as £1.99. But I knew that would only be the first issue, so naturally I costed it up.

There are 120 issues planned. Issue #1 costs £1.99, issue #2 is £6.99, and all subsequent issues £10.99. So once your model is complete, you will have shelled out more than £1,300. Optionally, you can pay another £1.50 per issue and get a display case for it at the end (total £180). And they hint at ‘extra’ special issues, for which the ‘price varies’.

And considering that the finished model alone is 56 x 35 x 19cm, and primarily made out of diecast parts, you’re going to need a big, empty, and strong table on which to display it.

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