Ouch! Tax Time Again

I just completed and paid my 2021/22 SA Return.

Once I’d completed it, I was under the impression I was going to have to pay £1,200 now, and another £1,200 by the end of July. Well, I was half right.

It turns out the £2,500 tax refund they gave me last year was in error. They never told me, and at no point did my HMRC account indicate it would be coming back to bite me. Well, it did tonight.

The first payment was actually £2,500 more than I had expected.

To be fair, I couldn’t understand why I got that refund last year, but tax is complicated enough, speaking to HMRC problematic because they are limited in what they can talk about over the phone, and £2,500 is into drooling territory, so I just accepted it. I’ll accept this for the same reasons (with ‘drool’ replaced with ‘puke’ in my evaluation).

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