Hotter Than… Prague?

My local ‘newspaper’ is often good for a giggle. Most of the major news is to do with restaurants/shops opening, restaurants/shops closing, ‘disgusted’ and ‘horrified’ people posing with funny expressions concerning all manner of issues (such as restaurants/shops opening or closing), and their favourite: the weather.

All through winter, they have been warning of blizzards and sub-zero temperatures. None of them happened. Occasionally, there would be talk of floods of Biblical proportions. None of those happened, either.

Now summer is approaching, it’s the heat. It’s not actually hot yet, but they love making comparisons with other places. It’ll be hotter than Marbella. Or hotter than Cyprus. And so on.

But today it was announced the forthcoming weekend will be hotter than… Prague (have an ad-blocker ready). I don’t think I have ever wondered what the weather is like in Prague in order to compare it with ours. And I’m bracing myself for follow-up stories with photos of ‘disgusted’ and ‘horrified’ people scowling and pointing at the sun.

It’ll only be 21°C.

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