How To Get SPAM Out Of The Can

I’ve been enjoying the occasional SPAM sandwich lately, and anyone who has done the same knows how tricky it can be getting the stuff out of the tin (a “tin” is what we in the UK call the “can”) without mangling it as you shove a knife inside to prise it out.

Here’s a simple method – but be careful, because it will come out so easily you’ll drop it on the floor if you’re not.

Run the can under warm tap water for about 30-60 seconds. This melts the fat next to the metal. Don’t overheat it (you don’t need to use boiling water, just hand hot is all it takes), and be sure to warm the bottom end as well.

Carefully puncture the base using a can opener or other sharp tool (this might not be required, but it helps – just a single hole is enough) to release the suction at that end, then remove the lid in the normal way. The SPAM will now slide out easily if you invert it over a plate.

No more shredded fingers or mangled SPAM. And it works for corned beef (the British kind) and other solid tinned meats which are often held in by suction and hard fat (Armour Treet, for example). Remember that the trick is to melt the fat, then allow air in to release suction at the bottom end.

And to all the plagiarists out there, especially those in Korea (캔에서 스팸 쉽게 꺼내는 방법)… you’re welcome. And thanks for not mentioning where you got the idea for your recent posts and YouTube videos.

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